Senior Trip to London

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Senior Trip to London for Mireya from Lorena & Sean

Lorena promised Mireya when she was very young that when she graduated from High School she would take her on a trip somewhere overseas to celebrate her achievement. So, when Mireya became a senior Lorena and Sean worked very hard to make this promise come true. At first, they thought of making it a family trip but after lots of searching and budgeting they soon realized that this would not be possible financially for them. So, Sean suggested that Lorena and Mireya go together. It could be a mom and daughter trip and could be a good bonding time for them as Mireya was becoming a women/adult.

They booked the trip and had the best time. I highly recommend mom and daughter senior trips for anyone out there that has a daughter but do want to tell you this, it will not be what you expect it to be. I had visions about us bonding over coffee, talking about boys, college, my experiences and what I have learned and would have done differently if I had the chance to do it all over again. This was not the case. My daughter was not interested in my opinions about the world much less about guys. She is a teenager, she knows everything. I know this to not be the case in most people’s situations but tried to remember myself as a teenager and decided that this was ok. I wouldn’t press or push and just enjoy.


When we first arrived in London it was late right around midnight and I had planned everything down to what train to take but of course things do not always go according to plan. The train we were supposed to take was not running at that time so we had to figure out a new way of getting home. With a tight budget paying over 100 euro for a cab was not an option. After running around in a circle 3 times and having my first melt down with my daughter for running off without me we finally figured out what bus to catch and arrived at our hotel around 3 am. With the help of a stranger who I swear was Riz Ahmed. It was exhausting both physically and emotionally!

After arriving and calming down Mireya told me that she knew I stressed out because she is my daughter but that I really just needed to chill because she is an adult now and that I don’t need to worry about her. I said Mireya I will always worry about you no matter how old you are but your right I do need to chill and I will try. So we slept and started our day early the next morning with breakfast and coffee at the hotel and made our way to the streets.


Our plan was to walk from our hotel and see St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern Museum, Leadenhall Market, and Millennium Bridge. We made it to all but one only because we were told that it would be best to go earlier in the morning (St. Paul’s Cathedral). Leadenhall Market was our first stop as it was right across the street from our hotel. It was magically!! Everything we expected it to be from one of our all-time favorite books – Harry Potter but the shops were not as amazing as we expected and lots of the people working inside of them were not very friendly.


Next stop, Tate Modern Museum. Well given that we were not connected to Wifi because of our budgets we had to download directions at the hotel before we left because we were connected to Wifi there. We followed the directions but once again found ourselves walking in circles. We asked several people only to find out they sent us in a circle again. I tried to remember what Mireya said to me the day before and how I needed to just chill. So I didn’t worry and just tried to soak in my surrounds and enjoy the fact that we were here. Mireya on the other hand was walking so fast I occasionally could only see the top of her head. She would eventually turn around and wait for me, but it was clear she was not happy. I told her she just needed to chill. I smiled, she wasn’t impressed. I told her we didn’t have to go to the museum and that we could just do something else that maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but she was determined to find it. We eventually did and it was awesome.


We woke up early every morning and walked 6 miles a day, even on days that we took buses or the underground. We saw so many places and things including; the wizarding world of Harry Potter, A Play (Wicked) at the Apollo Theatre, Walked the streets of the theatre district, had the best cupcakes at Peggy Porschen, saw the London eye, enjoyed several parks, and the Palace of Westminster.

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