The Adventure Begins


Flashforward to today. We are sitting in the airport right now waiting for our flight to New Zealand. We did it! We are here, now I can breathe. Shit…what have I done? No, its ok…this is awesome! You are an explorer, you are a jet setter (I don’t even really know what this means), you are a super mom and wife. It hasn’t and will not be easy, but this is what I wanted. This is what we wanted. This will make our kids better humans. However, it is difficult, and I will miss my family and my friends very much. Hopefully they come visit.

So…how did we get here. Well, the planning really probably began as an individual idea and goal for both Sean and I. We both knew we wanted to travel the world and had a goal to do so. We didn’t know it would be together but boy am I happy that it is. After our honeymoon to Barcelona, Spain we made a serious plan to travel as soon as Mireya finished high school. She was already so well established with her school and friends and only had a few years left. So we waited, we planned, we tried to save, we spent it, started over, and eventually landed here.

One of the things that changed everything for us was starting our own company. As architectural interns we worked for many different firms over the past 8 years and realized that we did not want to be the typical architects. Stuck in offices all day and working 80+ hour work weeks. We wanted to spend time with our kids, with each other, and see the world. How could we do this? Well its simple but not really. Start our own company. Lorena had already worked as an independent contractor and provided drafting services from home (I told you she was a hustler). So why could she not take what she learned here and create a new type of architectural business? Both Sean and Lorena had been working on getting their licenses and decided that once one of them was licensed we would create our own firm. Sean won…Yes, it was a competition. Dammit. So MC2Archiecture was created. We teamed up with some pretty dope people and told them our dreams and desires for the firm. They were cool with it. So, with that information in hand they decided it was time.

We had a job, we were our own bosses, we created our own hours, and made it work. So the list began 1. Mireya graduate from high school 2. Lorena graduate with her Master of Architecture degree (yeah she is a smarty pants too)  3. Continue to look for cool people willing to work with us so we could afford eat 4. Sell our house 5. Sell our cars and our all of our belongings (minus what could fit into one carry on, one checked bag, and a personnel bag each) 6. Find a home for the animals 7. Spend time with our family and friends 8. Get cool hats 9. Start our adventure 10. Take over the world


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