Keeping our Fall Tradition Alive Overseas

One of our favorite things to do in Oklahoma in October was go to pumpkin patches/farms. We enjoyed it so much we actually had Gabriela’s first birthday party at a pumpkin patch and it was so fun! It was really a big tradition for our family to do this every year and we wanted to try and keep some of our traditions alive while traveling. However, because it is Spring in New Zealand in October finding a pumpkin patch – let alone pumpkins was impossible. We did however find several farms and after a little research we found one that seemed to have everything we were looking for including; pony rides, nursery animals you could pet, a maze, and tractor rides. It cost $18 for adults, and $15 for children aged 5-14. You can also get a family pass for any five people for $70. This price includes everything inside the farm from horses/ponies rides, the tractor ride, and one container of feed per person. Another reason we chose this farm was that it was close to another location we wanted to visit so we decided to make a day trip out of it and go to both. For more information and specific times check out their website here.

A short 30 min ride later we arrived at the farm. The first thing you do is wash your hands before you go in so you don’t get the animals sick and then you head back to the petting area where you can hold and pet bunnies, mice, and guinea pigs. You then head back to the nursery animals and get to see calves, baby lamas, and more. They all seemed very happy and well taken care of do however watch out for the lamas they have spit. You then start working your way through the farm and have your choice of which way you want to go. We chose a tractor ride next. We found the driver to be super friendly, knowledgeable, and energetic. He told us lots of information about the farm as well as some of the animals and their names as we passed them by. We then proceeded to walk through the rest of the farm where we saw a peacock, lots of birds, goats, sheep, donkeys, lamas and more. There really are some interesting, funny, and sweet animals on this farm. There was one donkey in particular that was the sweetest little guy. He let us pet him and even leaned on my husband Sean for a hug.


The pigs in the pig pen are hilarious!!! They have bangs that made me seriously laugh out loud. At first I was worried when I saw them laying there in the mud with their tongues sticking out but then I saw his belly move up and down as he snored. It was like seeing the pigs on angry birds in real life. It was so fun watching all the animals come and go especially the roasters. We also enjoyed watching the different personalities of the animals on the farm as well as the children’s and parents excitement. I mean seriously look at this pig!!! I might have to make this pig into some kind of meme he is just the funniest.

We took a break at the sandpit/playground and had our lunch. You can bring your own lunch or eat at the cafe located next door to the farm. We are on a tight budget so we made sure to pack our lunch as well as lots of snacks and water. They have picnic tables in the farm for you to sit and enjoy your lunch near the play area, just know that the birds will probably want to share your food. There are signs on most of the animals pins that say feed me or do not feed me so be sure to pay attention. After playing it was time for a horse ride and probably Gabriela’s favorite part of the farm. She was big enough that she got to ride a horse and even got to pick out the one she wanted. She picked one by the name of Honey and she was beautiful! She reminded us of Spirit from the Disney movie so we renamed her to Spirit. We took one last walk around the farm to say goodbye to all the animals. We highly recommend Kiwi Valley Farms if you are in Auckland and looking for a fun day activity. We all loved it so much we added it to our top 20 things to do in Auckland. Which you can find here if you are looking for more ideas on what to do while in Auckland (and surrounding areas).

After a fun filled afternoon at the farm we set off on to our next adventure for the day-Karekare Waterfall & Black Sand Beach. We are working on that post soon so be sure to check back as it was probably one of the most stunning places we visited while in Auckland.


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